5 Months Diploma in Photography

5 Months Diploma In Photography

This course has been designed for those who are looking for a Short Term Professional Photography Diploma. Its a content based course and one can cover topics as per their learning capabilities. Classes will be regular from Monday to Friday 10am onward. Course includes all the important topics one should know to be a professional photographer.

Course Content

DSLR CAMERA OPERATIONS: In this module students will understand the working of their camera and its settings for best output. Topics like Aperture, Shutter, ISO, DOF, Sensor Types, Lenses, White Balance, Exposure etc will be covered.

WORKING OF STUDIO LIGHTS: Studio lighting plays a vital role in photography. Students will get an overview about the studio flashes, backgrounds, tripod, sliders etc. Students get an opportunity to understand the different lighting styles of product, fashion, portfolio, e-commerce, water splash, smoke photography.

IMAGE EDITING: Image Editing is done to enhance the image to make it a final product. Students will learn everything from basic to advance editing.

VIDEO EDITING: As Video making is a part of this course. Students will also learn how to editing the video which they have shoot from their DSLR camera.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY: Practicals related to product, smoke, portfolio, low key, high key, e-commerce, BTS, Monuments, Travel, Street, People, chroma, Multi camera shoots etc will be covered in this module. 

Course Details

Fee: 50700 /- (One Time Payment)
Classes: 5 days per week.

Camera & Equipment

  • Camera is not compulsory. We provide camera on sharing bases during indoor classes.
  • All the equipment will be provided by Institute during indoor classes.


Diploma will be awarded on successful completion and portfolio submission.
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